10 Week Fitness Challenge

10 Week Challenge


Our 10 Week Challenge Starting 04-01-2018 4 classes per week that’s 40 classes in 10 WEEKS Only $245.00 – that’s only $6.15 per class, with non stop action you will see results faster than you know it. You will receive for you a free personal login to our online tools area, which offer you a wealth of  information necessary to keep you focused on achieving your desired fitness goals such as:

  • Training Session Scheduling and Calendar
  • Weight Goals and Fitness Targets
  • Charted Progress and Nutrition Reports for weight, stress, energy, body fat, blood pressure, nutrition data, etc.
  • Daily Meal Log, Nutritional Targets Calculator complete with daily calorie intake & weight gain/loss ratios
  • Exercise Activity Log and Library
  • Day-to-Day Journal Entry – weight, water consumption, vitamins, and stress/energy/motivation levels \
  • Articles on exercise, weight loss, strength training, flexibility, mind/body, etc.

Classes to pick from

Monday Kickboxing 7:45pm 

Tuesday Functional Fitness Kickboxing 6:30

Wednesday Strength and conditioning boot camp 7:00pm

Thursday Yoga 6:30pm

Friday 11:30am TRX boot Camp

Saturday Kickboxing 2PM

Attention Ladies: Now also offering a Women’s only classes

Monday @ 11:30am

Pilates – a 1-hour class that will balance the development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness to support efficient, graceful movement.

Wednesday @ 9:00am

H.I.I.T. Fit with butts and guts-  a 30-minute-High intensity interval training that will raise your heart rate which will help your body burn fat faster, 30 minutes focusing on our Butts and Guts.